Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ceci, Jimmie and the Cubans

I know you've missed me, my loyal fans, but we've been busy busy working on several projects all at the same time. Last week we dove head first into our newest project, a Puerto Rican cookbook! It's being published in tandem with a novel written about life, family and food. All our favorite things. We had two days of cooking and shooting food in studio, where we met and found ourselves fascinated with, a large, smiling (although deceased) suckling pig who was promptly named Jimmie. Why we though it was a good idea to name the pig was beyond most of us. Brilliant food photography ensued. Then we took a day to do some environment shots of the author at the Central Market in LA. After roughly 4 minutes of shooting, security hunted us down and put the hammer down on our "professional" shoot. Luckily being the crafty Pros we are, we switched it up and had Diana shoot instead, telling those pesky guards that she was a "student" and doing a project for school. The pictures turned out wonderfully. Of course. 

Since this is a story about family as well as food, we spent our last day with the family at home. And I mean the ENTIRE family. At least three generations of parents and children came for a party to celebrate being a family, one of their owns success and to be photographed. We invaded their home with our cameras and gear and were treated with such graciousness and kindness that we felt just like part of the family. Even Jimmie got to attend. 3000 images, a mojito (yes, just one) and hopefully the cover shot to the cookbook later, we sighed a breath of relief and patted ourselves on the back for a job well done. Then a moment later we sucked a breath of panic at the "edit" now looming in our future. Yikes! 2 days later and we were handing the publisher countless contact sheets for them to go through to pick the images that will grace the pages of this breath-taking cookbook. We can't wait to see it in print! 

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