Tuesday, October 18, 2011

High Five's all around

As if Jon hasn't been on the road enough in the past few months, we got a call to do a location shoot up in the very pretty town of Santa Rosa. After a seriously crazy day in the studio, we hoped in the car, loaded with all the gear that we could think we might use, and headed north. Only one U-turn and a sack of McDonald's later, we finally made it to the hotel, weary but excited because the next day we were going over to famous chef, Guy Fieri's house! Driving over there, we past the oddly located, Charles Schultz museum. I wanted to stop and say hello to Snoopy, but we had work to do. In a very unassuming neighborhood, we met our clients at Guy's house and hauled our gear in to set up our shoot. But, little did we know, Guy was in the middle of filming a TV segment in his own kitchen, and there was a huge production crew swarming over his grounds, prepping and setting up lighting for a new show that he's going to be filming in his backyard!

Because still photography is considered the ugly stepchild of the entertainment/advertising industry, we were stuck in the corner, and took over the use of his "game room". Filled with posters of his face, an entire case filled with Oakley sunglasses, and all the junk one has but doesn't have a place for it in the real house, we set up our computers on his pool table and our set on the floor (the shots we were doing were straight overhead, so that made the most sense). Just as we finished getting our set perfect and ready for the food stylist to bring in the first food, one of the wardrobe stylists from the production crew came marching in and stomped all through our set, ruining the paper that we had just put down as our shooting surface. Nice. Luckily we have had to deal with worse, and rolled out some more paper.

After that, the day went pretty well! Guy's dog only tried to steal the steak we were shooting once, we stole some lunch (they apparently forgot that we were going to be there that day too along with the production crew) and got to work (although briefly) with Guy Fieri himself. Because we were shooting steaks for his brand, and we only had so many of them to cook and get looking right, instead of cutting through more steaks, I took a moment and retouched his meat to get it to the perfect pink hue (wait that sounds wrong) earning me a high five from the man himself! That was almost as cool as getting my picture taken with him! (Which I hope will happen the next time we get up there...). Despite being wedged in between his mini-basketball hoop and the foosball table, we got the shots that he wanted and earned an invitation to come back and continue working on these projects at his house. Cool, man. Hopefully there won't be so much going on next time, and we might get to spend some time chatting with the chef who made crazy hair popular...


Friday, August 19, 2011

Go Ahead

We love when it's ice cream day...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our newest Promo to wet your taste buds! Not only is he a famous rock star and tequila mogul, but Sammy Hagar is working hard to share his Rum with us. It's called Beach Bar Rum and the bottle it's in is just as cool as the Red Rocker himself. I know what you're thinking, "What gorgeous tropical island did we fly to on Sammy's private plane to shoot these drinks and rum?". Ya, we wish. It's all the magic of studio photography and having someone's vacation picture to hang in the background. I know. I know. It's like seeing behind the wizard's curtain. We just told you how we did it so you wouldn't be jealous.

Come and have a mai tai with us!

Talk Radio, Big Mac's and a few Snap Shots

This last month, Jon has been test driving rental cars and checking out several of our great states of America. He's probably eaten way too much fast food, and can tell you which highways have the most potholes, but Jon has also see some really great countryside. (If we were with him, we'd be counting the number of U-turns, out loud.) The project that he's doing is for a nation wide college, shooting their campuses, but there are way more fascinating things to see while speeding along the interstate. Thanks for showing us what we're missing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Beef. It's what's for dinner... and lunch, and snack time...

Sometimes breakfast doesn't always keep the hunger pains at bay, especially when there are gourmet hamburgers being created in our kitchen. All of these are theme type hamburgers with delicious ingredients piled high onto thick, juicy beef patties. Yum. From the mind of the brilliant chef Michael (who we loved working with!), these burgers are part of a genius marketing project to remind all of us that it's summer time and those grills are calling us! Hamburgers are an american icon, not to mention tasty, and can feed all of our friends easily for a back yard bbq. But don't think you have to do the same old cheeseburger. Try it with chili on top. Or maybe get super creative and top mini-sliders with guacamole and salsa! Your friends will think you're a culinary virtuoso! So forget that dry ole' chicken, never-mind those messy ribs, and stay away from what ever those veggies burgers are made out of. Beef. It's oh so tasty.