Friday, July 15, 2011

Beef. It's what's for dinner... and lunch, and snack time...

Sometimes breakfast doesn't always keep the hunger pains at bay, especially when there are gourmet hamburgers being created in our kitchen. All of these are theme type hamburgers with delicious ingredients piled high onto thick, juicy beef patties. Yum. From the mind of the brilliant chef Michael (who we loved working with!), these burgers are part of a genius marketing project to remind all of us that it's summer time and those grills are calling us! Hamburgers are an american icon, not to mention tasty, and can feed all of our friends easily for a back yard bbq. But don't think you have to do the same old cheeseburger. Try it with chili on top. Or maybe get super creative and top mini-sliders with guacamole and salsa! Your friends will think you're a culinary virtuoso! So forget that dry ole' chicken, never-mind those messy ribs, and stay away from what ever those veggies burgers are made out of. Beef. It's oh so tasty.

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