Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The wizard behind the curtain!

Since most of you never get the opportunity to be on a photo shoot or see our magic in action, here are a few "behind the scenes" shots to give you a glimpse of how we do it. This day we were on location at the fun Panama Joes in Long Beach with the dynamic duo, Cindie and Denise (and Tiffany, the soda fountain queen). They gave us some space in the back of the restaurant to shoot their tasty new dishes. We had full access to the kitchen (ever been in a commercial kitchen before? We have!), they served us what ever we wanted from the menu for lunch and we spent the day pondering whether Elvis was mexican or not (his velvety portrait hung over our heads between day-of-the-dead masks and colorful depictions of brave bull fighters; go figure).

Don't you feel just like Dorothy??

All photos courtesy of Heather Winters

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