Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Learning new things, every day...

Trying to remember which airport we were flying out of, and keeping in mind where we parked the car, we hopped on yet another jet plane and flew, once again, up to the lovely city of Seattle. Out of all of the places we have been lately, Milwaukee, Fort Worth, and Washington, DC, Seattle is one of our favorites. The weather stayed perfect right up until we tried to load our camera and lighting equipment in the back of the rental car to head home. Murphy's Law says that's the time it starts raining. Go figure. Despite that, we worked our tails off and got home without shorting out any electrical equipment and ending up with some really fantastic new casino/resort shots!

We had the chance to piggy-back our DSLR camera on top of the video crew's camera and get some cool shots using the giant camera arm called the Jib. Three extension cords later, we saw our camera raised over twenty feet in the air and hoped that the tech guy had mounted it securely. Shooting from our computer, we got several shots around the resort that wouldn't have been possible for us without a really, really big ladder (and someone not afraid of heights).

Things we learned: how to work a still camera (that you can't look through) while on a moving arm, that not all food buffets are equal, the fastest way from one end of a casino to the other, and that people do weird stuff in hotel rooms.

Good to know.

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