Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Boys are Back!

Today we got to work with a few of the fellas that we haven't seen in awhile. Tasty images and good golf talk. Our favorite kind of work day. And when the 3 o'clock slump hit, Marti plied us with a "redneck" dessert tray! (Snickers bars, mini ice-cream cups, and Donettes; a regular sugar smorgasbord). Hello Haliburton!


Captain Hook said...

Oh, these look so tasty!
You are a lucky man Jon Edwards.
And great to see Marti's magic always!
I miss you guys.
I'll have to wrangle Sony into selling ovens, or making electronic chopsticks... hey there's an idea!
Guys we need an action shot.
All the best - Paul
Now at Sony

The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Jon,

Your food work makes me want to run and hide in shame at my own! You're amazing and I love looking through your blog.

I hope I absorb some of your knowledge hanging around here.